BADM Candidate Endorsement

Screening Process

•Questionnaires are sent to the candidates with a completion date & notice that an interview appointment will be scheduled.

•A diverse screening team of 4-7 club members meet and interview candidate(s) in-person (preferred); phone interviews/zoom are allowed in certain situations.This same team must interview all candidates in a particular race for consistency in scoring.

•Teams review candidates websites, financial viability, social media sites, professional organization memberships and involvement, community involvement etc.

•At the end of each screening interview, team members individually fill in score sheets and write up a summary review of each candidate.

•Interviews are 30-45 minutes.

•After completion of all candidate interviews for a race, scores from the individual score sheets are entered on a spreadsheet. The candidate with the top numerical score receives the screening committee endorsement for that particular race.

•If two candidates have a score within 1.5% of each other, we then look at positions each candidate was placed in rank order by each screener. If a candidate received both the high score and the most #1 rankings they receive BADM endorsement. If one candidate receives the highest score but another candidate received the most #1 rankings, the endorsement team can recommend a dual endorsement.

•We then bring our selected candidates to the BADM membership at our general meeting for a vote.



State Races

Governor -Robert “Beto” O’Rourke

Lieutenant Governor -Mike Collier

Attorney General -Joe Jaworski

Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts -Janet T. Dudding

Land Commissioner -Jay Kleberg

Agriculture Commissioner -Susan Hays

County Races

County Judge -Judge Lina Hidalgo

Commissioner Pct 2 -Commissioner Adrian Garcia

Treasurer -Dylan Osborne

District Clerk -Marilyn Burgess

Judicial Candidates

14th Court of Appeals

Place 2 -Judge Kyle Carter

Place 9 -William Demond

District Judge Courts

183rd Criminal -Judge Chuck Silverman

184th Criminal -Judge Abigail Anastasio

185th Criminal -Judge Jason Luong

189th Criminal -Judge Scot"Dolli" Dollinger

208thCriminal -Judge Greg Glass

228th Criminal -Samuel "Sam" Milledge II

230thCriminal - Judge Chris Morton

245th Family -JudgeTristan Harris Longino

248th Criminal -Judge Hilary Unger

263rdCriminal -Melissa Marie Morris

270th Civil -Denise Brown

280th Family -Judge Barbara "BABS" Stalder

312th Family -Paul Antonio Calzada

313th Juvenile -Judge Natalia Oakes

315th Juvenile -Judge Leah Shapiro

482nd Criminal - Veronica Monique Nelson

Harris County Criminal Court at Law

No.2* -Judge Ronnisha Bowman orJannell Robles

No. 3* -Staci Biggar orPorscha Natasha Brown

No. 5 -Judge David MarcelFleischer

No. 6 -Judge Kelley Andrews

No. 7 -Judge Andrew A. Wright

No. 8 -Judge Franklin Bynum

No. 10* -Thuy Le orJuanita Jackson

No. 14 -Judge David L. Singer

*Dual Endorsement

Harris County Civil Court

No. 4 - M. K.Monica Singh

Harris County Probate Court

No. 2 -Pamela Medina

A diverse screening team evaluated candidates based on zoom interviews, website reviews, voting history &financial viability. For more information go to see the forms below. 



2020 Endorsement Questionnaire for Federal Offices

PDF format


2020 Endorsement Questionnaire for State Offices

PDF format


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