Our Mission:

We stand together in support of each other for the protection of our constitutional rights, health, environment, immigrants, and uphold the belief that vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.

By Laws:

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We stand together in support of one another for the protection of our constitutional rights, health and environment and uphold the belief that vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.


The name of the organization shall be theBay Area Democratic Movement.

ARTICLE II – Purpose and Policies

To support and promote Democratic principles at all levels of government.

To exert influence on the Democratic Party to continue its historic role as a party which promotes social justice, the local, state and national interest, and the needs of all people.

To keep the Bay Area Community informed of the Bay Area Democratic Movement and its principles by concentrating activities primarily in the Clear Lake and surrounding areas in cooperation with the Harris County and Galveston County Democratic Party and those elected or appointed Democratic Precinct Chairs in these precincts.

ARTICLE III - Membership

All persons at least age fourteen (14) who are interested in the political process and support the principles of the Bay Area Democratic Movement are eligible for membership in the organization.

Membership dues shall be set by the Executive Committee, approved by the general membership, and made a part of the by-laws.

Membership dues shall be paid annually, due in February each year.

Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote.To be a member in good standing requires a three-month membership term to vote on any BADM Club action.

Annual Membership dues

Individual: $25

Family: $35

Students (high school and college) and seniors (65 and older) are exempt from dues.

Sustaining members: Members who contribute $10 or more per month or make a one-time donation each year of at least $120 or in multiple donations that add up to $120 in one year.


The Bay Area Democratic Movement shall have thirteen (13) board positions:


Vice President


 Assistant Treasurer


Candidate Support and

 Voter Outreach


Marketing & PR

Technology Coordinator and


Hospitality & Food

Community Outreach Coordinator

Judicial Outreach

Parliamentarian (non-voting appointee of President, but may be a voting Board member)

ARTICLE V – Officers and their Duties

The term of each office shall be two years, beginning May through April.

No term limits will be in place.

Elections shall be held at the regular April meeting of the organization each election year.

Vacancies will be filled by a board majority vote.

The foregoing named four (4) officers shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Bay Area Democratic Movement:


Vice President



The Board of Directors shall consist of the Executive Committee plus:

Assistant Treasurer

Hospitality and Food

Candidate Support and

Voter Outreach



Technology Coordinator and


Community Outreach Coordinator

Parliamentarian (non-voting appointee of President, but may be a voting Board member)

The President shall preside at all meetings and be the official spokesperson for the Executive Committee and for the organization. The President shall create committees as needed. The President shall have the power to call special meetings. The President shall be the official spokesperson at all meetings or gatherings with other Democratic organizations, Democratic officeholders and/or candidates seeking office.The President shall appoint a Parliamentarian to participate at each of the following meetings; Executive Board, Board of Directors and Membership meetings.

The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall additionally be responsible for arrangements of membership meetings and programs.

The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and be prepared to report those minutes at the next scheduled meeting if requested by the President. The Secretary shall make such records available to all officers as requested.

The Treasurer shall receive and deposit all moneys of the organization and shall record all financial transactions and report them to the Executive Board and available at BADM general meeting upon request. Membership dues received by the Treasurer shall determine active membership status and the Treasurer shall supervise the accuracy of membership records.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing all reports required by law with the Texas Ethics Commission.

ARTICLE VI- Meetings

The Bay Area Democratic Movement will meet the second Tuesday of each month with the exception of January and July. Special meetings may be called by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. A Board quorum comprised of a members shall be required to conduct business.The annual meeting to elect offers shall be held in April every two years.

Board Meetings.Regular meetings of the Board shall be held in the first week of each month, unless otherwise directed by the President.

Conduct of Board Meetings.Members of the Board may participate in a meeting through electronic means, including through the use of telephonic and/or video teleconferencing, use of conference telephone or similar communications equipment, including but not limited to electronic meetings, so long as all members participating in such meeting can communicate with one another. Final discussion and vote shall be by simultaneous aural communication among all participating members. Such participation shall constitute personal presence at the meeting.

ARTICLE VII– Bylaws and Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members present and voting at a Board meeting, provided the proposed amendment has been read as a proposed amendment at the previous meeting. Once approved by the Board, the changes will be presented to the membership for vote.


The President shall ask membership for those who are interested in running for office. If no one volunteers, the board will put together a Slate of Officers and present at membership meeting for vote by the members.

Bylaws shall be adopted by a majority vote of the members present and voting at a meeting.

A Bylaws committee shall prepare amendments to Bylaws when so directed by the Board or membership. Membership of Bylaws Committee shall consist of at least three Board members.

ARTICLE VIII – Parliamentary Authority

The most current edition of Roberts Rule of Order, Newly Revised, shall govern, unless otherwise provided in these Bylaws. These Bylaws shall take effect upon adoption by a two-thirds vote of those in attendance at a general meeting of the membership.


If, at any time, this club shall be dissolved, no part of the funds or property shall be distributed to or among its members, but after payment of all indebtedness of the club, its surplus funds and properties shall be donated to the Harris County Democratic Party.

Board of Directors


President:Karen Wolfe

Karen Wolfe is a lifelong Democrat. Her first job in Houston was as Digital Director of Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia’s winning campaign. She was asked to follow him into County Government, where she works as a Development Manager, writing grants and developing relationships to fund public programs for underserved communities. She co-founded an arts nonprofit in 2020 serving Houston’s oldest Latino community of Magnolia Park.

Prior to moving to Houston in 2018, she lived in Los Angeles for 25 years. There, Karen worked in public relations and nonprofit development. She developed fundraising plans for boards of directors resulting in significant revenue gains.

Promoting the work of nonprofit clients through awards dinners and film premieres, she raised over $5 million in three years for the American Cinematheque, TRIPOD School for the Deaf and STOP Cancer. Karen also secured media coverage for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the Southern California Institute of Architecture and the McArthur Genius-led Los Angeles Poverty Department in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, LA Weekly, and many creative publications.

For ten years, Karen was a prominent voice in California public education politics and policy. She was a frequent source for the Los Angeles Times, New York Times, Washington Post, NPR, and numerous regional outlets. She published articles in the Progressive Magazine and Alternet. The Columbia Journalism Review called her published analysis about the most expensive school board race in U.S. history, “the most revealing document produced about the contest.”

Karen served as the Vice President of Communications for her L.A. Democratic Club and was a delegate to the California State Democratic Party Convention. She cut her political teeth while providing advocacy for her urban community during heated gentrification battles.

She lives near Exploration Green with her husband David and their daughter Lucia. Their son Miles lives in Los Angeles.


Assistant Treasurer: Tracey Baird Lewis

Tracey Lewis is a retired Labor and Delivery Nurse and holds a BSN, RN from The University of Texas Health Science Center and a BBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems from The University of Houston. Nursing was a second career after spending over 25 years in the Information Technology field.She is happily married to Steve Lewis and has two children, Leon and Emma.Tracey’s hobbies are traveling the world with her wonderful husband, and seeing live music with her friends.Tracey has been a democrat all of her life and has voted in every presidential election and most primary elections since she was 18 years old.After the 2016 presidential election, Tracey became active in trying to change the direction this country is heading.Tracey has participated in marches and actively supports local and national candidates, both financially and as a volunteer.Serving on the Bay Area Democratic Movement board is the first time Tracey has become actively involved in politics and feels it is an honor and a privilege.

Ann Hammond


Endorsement Committee Co-Chair

Ann Hammond has been a long time community volunteer and serves on Boards of numerous organizations as: PTA, PTSA, Special Ed PTA, Clear Creek Council of PTA’s, Bay Area Alliance for Youth and Families, Friends of Bay Area Turning Point, Assistance League of the Bay Area, Communities in Schools Bay Area, Clear Creek Education Foundation, Gulf Coast Area Association of School Boards and Go Public Gulf Coast. Ann was elected as an At-Large Clear Creek ISD Trustee in 2007 and served on the CCISD Board of Trustees for twelve years.

Having been born in Washington DC and raised in suburbs, Ann always had an interest in politics. Her 47 year long career at NASA as a Program Analyst began in Washington DC at Headquarters and moved to Texas on a one-year assignment and is still here. Raising two children, along with her volunteer activities, kept her busy for many years; but, after her children got out of school, she found that interest in politics again and became more active. She joined BADM shortly after it was founded and almost immediately became involved in the Club. She is passionate about public schools and choosing the right candidates for public office so it is a natural fit for Ann to co-chair the Endorsement Committee. Ann is a Parliamentarian and a crazy note-taker so she also serves as the Secretary/Parliamentarian.

Treasurer: Kathryn Aguilar

I went to high school & college in Georgia.   I graduated from Georgia Tech in Chemical Engineering and moved to Houston Texas for a job in Research & Development.  I married another Georgia Tech grad who worked for a NASA contractor & had three daughters.   We lived in Clear Lake Forest neighborhood for about 20 years to raise the girls.   I got divorced and move to an older home in La Porte on the Bay Front in 2002.   I remarried in 2004 and my husband Tim has two kids.

I started teaching high school Physics & then added the teaching of Forensics.   I’ve really enjoyed teaching and plan to sub part time this year in my old school, which is an early college HS in Baytown. 

I got more politically involved after 2016 election and have remained active since.   Really feels like Groundhog Day this year. 

My daughters live in San Antonio, Savannah Georgia and Lansing Michigan now.  All of them have kids now, so it is a lot of fun to spend time with them. 

My step daughter Tessa is living in San Antonio, close to my daughter Zoe.  Zoe just had a darling baby boy and is a criminal defense attorney.  Tessa is a logistics manager at HEB.  My daughter Robin is a Georgia Tech grad in engineering who is currently teaching math at her daughters’ school on Tybee Island off Savannah Georgia coast.  Lina has two boys and lives in Michigan.   All are well and doing great. 

Voter Outreach  & Candidate Support 

Flora Gill, Co-Chair

Kim Krist, Co-Chair

Flora Gill moved to Texas in 2022 with her husband and young daughter. Her husband works in aerospace, but Flora's main motivation for moving here was to turnTexas blue... Or at least make it a better place. She is a fashion designer with a specialty in knitwear and works and teaches remotely for brands and schools in NYC, LA and SF. She also is using her textile knowledge in the space industry here inHouston, TX. In 2006, she founded her own fashion label, OHNE TITEL, which was sold in Saks, Neiman Marcus and several boutiques around the world. She closed the brand in 2016, and has since dedicated a lot of her free time to political volunteer work. Back in Brooklyn, NY, she was really involved with the Sister District Project, an organization that pairs super democratic areas in cities with state and local campaigns in areas with less of a democratic presence. Flora organized some small fundraisers for Danica Roem in VA, and helped in the fight for the ERA in Virginia, and travelled to Sarasota FL to canvasfor the Margaret Good campaign. In NYC she volunteered for GOTV campaigns, presidential and mayoral campaigns and helped on the Dianne Morales campaign.

Kim Krist graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with a BBA in Marketing and worked in the retail industry before switching gears and becoming a teacher. After teaching 2nd and 3rd grade she became an Educational Consultant with Bright Futures. She has now come full circle and combined her love of fashion and travel to launch a new business Krista Klein specializing in travel cases.

She is married to Scott Krist and has 2 children who are both currently in law school. Kim's hobbies are tennis, hiking, and running but her passion is politics and is a political news junkie. She started the Bay Area Democratic Movement with a group of girlfriends right after taking part in the 2017 Women's March. Kim is also a precinct chair for district 568, Chair of the Harris County Democratic Party’s Clubs & Orgs and believes in the power of individuals to make a change.

Marketing: Carla Medlenka

Carla Medlenka has been an entrepreneur much of her life, working mostly in communications, journalism and publishing. She joined the corporate world four years ago and currently works in health care marketing. Always politically aware, Carla has voted in every presidential election since she turned 18. Then, the 2016 election shifted her casual political attitude. She marched in Washington DC at the first Women’s March and has been an outspoken Democrat ever since. She is a founding member of the Bay Area Democratic Movement and now engages in as much political activism as she can squeeze into each day. Carla has been married to Galen Medlenka for 30 years and they have three grown children (but no grandbabies - yet).

Community Outreach: Kayla Alix

Kayla Alix has over 20 years in the Information Technology industry. She received her MBA in 2016 from the University of Houston-Downtown. Kayla is also a co-founder and Executive Director of Changing Hearts And Mind Program (C.H.A.M.P) 501c3 organization, that serves Veterans and their families transitioning from the military. 

Kayla Alix, a mentor for young students, provides guidance and assistance in the area of STEM. She is on the board of Making Awesome Things Happen (M.A.T.H.) an organization that offers Math Camps during the summer for under-served students of color.

Kayla recently ran as a candidate for the Texas State House of Representatives, District 129 during the 2020 election cycle. Her platform; Veterans, Education, Healthcare, and Healthy Communities. She received 42% of the votes in a heavily Republican based area. Although she fell short by 8 percentage points, she will continue her advocacy for causes ensuring investment in our communities is equitably funded and served.

Kayla is married to Samuel Alix; they have five children and four grandchildren. 

Hospitality : Vernon Reinhardt Moult (Pete)

   Vernon Reinhardt Moult (Pete) graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a degree in Biology and Psychology in 1982. Following graduation, Pete moved to Texas joining the Houston side of the family who originally arrived in the city in1920. In 1984, he completed a post-graduate program at Rice University, obtaining Texas Teacher Certification and teaching at the Rice University Summer High School. Additional classes and observation hours were completed at University of Houston at Clear Lake and Clear Creek ISD. Teaching work includes; Houston ISD, Austin ISD, several private schools and the Lago Vista ISD.

   In 1988 he completed an MS in Labor and Industrial Relations at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas. Additionally, Pete spent six years working in Memphis, Tennessee at Memphis State University in the Student Organization and Religious affairs Office.

  Returning to Texas in 1997, he resumed teaching, working with emotionally disturbed children in both public and private facilities, following a one year internship in an Arkansas private psychiatric hospital through the University of Central Arkansas in Conway, Arkansas.

   In 2012 Pete and his husband returned to Nassau Bay, Texas where he taught Science at Liberty High School for International students, HISD’s only night school for Newcomer language students. Pete attended the Biology and Chemistry RRSET Program for teachers at Rice University and was awarded the Summer Teaching Experience in the Rice University Biochemistry Department. Currently, Pete is a part owner of a family real estate business in Houston. Time is spent helping local youth one on one and working in animal rescue. Pete is a member of the local Astronomical Society and the Great Books Reading Group. Hobbies include local/foreign historic and natural history travel, gardening, swimming, boating and nature hikes.

Membership: Rebecca Perkins

I made the move to Houston in December 2019 when my family was stationed here by the US Coast Guard. I have been married to my husband Chris since 2005, and we are the proud parents of three sons - Jack, Ben, and Sam. I hold a degree in Education from Iona University in New Rochelle, New York and currently work at Ward Elementary in CCISD. I am a dedicated volunteer in various community organizations, including Moms Demand Action, where I serves as the local Elections Lead and a member of the BeSMART for Kids team. Additionally, I manage the Freeman Library Bookstore (please bring us your gently used books!), and serve on the Freeman Library Board. I am also the advocacy chair for the Ward Elementary PTA, and recently became a precinct chair for 473 in Clear Lake. 

I am passionate about protecting public schools, funding special education, advocating for women's reproductive rights, and addressing gun violence in our communities. My involvement with Bay Area Democratic Movement since 2021, and serving as the Membership Chair has been such a fulfilling experience.

Being that I am a native New Yorker, the last place I ever thought I’d grow deeply fond of is Texas! This is largely in thanks to groups like BADM, and the amazing friends and community I have grown to know and love here in Houston. 

Technology: Freddie Bean

After finishing high school in East Texas, Freddie joined the US Navy and served as a Submarine Torpedoman for 4 years, 3 patrols in the South Pacific. His Naval experience started his career and he later got a BS and MS degree in Electrical Engineering. Working primarily in research and development he created products for Oil companies, and several Shuttle payloads for NASA at the Johnson Space Center. Embedded Microcomputers were his specialty.

Judicial Outreach: Sabrina Lee


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